There are many reasons why you should use OVERBLIQ™ for your next app or website project.

Furthermore reasons to pick OVERBLIQ

To launch a new mobile application can be a troublesome and costly process that often fits businesses with great deal of resources.

You will with OVERBLIQ save both time and money, since the majority of the work in a regular development project is already done - from the handling of content to the delivery of both features and content in mobile apps and web.

To create and launch an app with OVERBLIQ™ takes between a couple of hours to several months depending on the extent of the project. You will be done in a day if you choose to use the ready made templates and only make small graphical changes. On the other hand an enterpirse app with specialized features and integrations will take a longer time to complete.

You will save thousands of hours and development costs regardless of what you choose to build and be ready for hundred thousands of downloads when your app has launched.

App or web?

You don't have to choose. OVERBLIQ is an "app first" platform for iOS and Android, but the same content will be available on the web with the help of the integrated web templates.

The API:s can be used if you instead want to create your own standalone app or website.

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